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Hello there! You found us - Welcome. Here at Mindful Tribes we create incredible holistic overseas retreat experiences for the everyday person looking at bringing wellness, alignment and living with intent into their own lives.  Our Retreat Leaders are truly one of a kind and they will bring their world to you in stunning destinations.  Not only to improve your wellbeing, your connectedness and your knowledge, but also your joy. At Mindful Tribes, we bring the love and light back to your life, through the most amazing range of retreat journeys. Travel for the soul, utterly welcomed by the mindful generation.  

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We work hard to create a strong and happy tribe of incredible holistic teachers and influencers to guide and escort you on retreat. Wellness ambassadors sharing their teachings, yogis & yoginis inspiring you in beautiful lands, and fitness gurus creating once in a lifetime, wow, sessions all within our local faraway landscapes.



We aim to leave a positive, lasting impact on the destinations we visit. Whether it be only working with small local operators and retreat homes to ensure the benefits are felt where they are needed the most or the use of recycled paper in our journals, we are conscious of our climate footprint. At our heart is a big heart of love and giving. 



Our retreat homes have become family and hand selected by us with a whole lot of incredible in mind. Whether it be a luxury eco home, a dedicated retreat stay or a relaxed wellness space, you know we understand what it is you are seeking. Comfort, beauty and a shared sense of space for anchoring and rising to the aligned life that you seek. 


We are passionate and highly experienced in creating truly unique, highly polished, holistic group itineraries.  Our retreat journeys may even mean that you stay at more than one retreat home for your holiday.  And all seamlessly looked after from the minute you arrive at the airport. 

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We are so much more than just about yoga. Inspiring self love workshops, yoga practice in stunning locations, spiritual excursions to lesser known gems and local organic raw food eateries is what we do best. Holistic travel for the beginner to the experienced in a friendly & inclusive environment where all are welcomed at every level. 

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A successful and happy guest is one that feels treasured and noticed, and over the years we appreciate that group size does matter. New friendships blossom and guests have chance for impromptu chats with our leaders when we keep the group size to no more than fifteen for our set date journeys.  




The TIRED MUMMA retreat was just incredible. I have to say I loved every single second of it and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.
— NIKKI,Middle Park, VIC
This retreat holiday went beyond the physical practice. It was a journey to the soul.
— DANIELA, Carlton, VIC
The food, yoga, massages, company were all sublime and I felt utterly nourished and recharged when I got home.
— JODIE, South Melbourne, VIC
My week with this group was totally amazing. I felt totally at home.
— JULIE, Clare Valley, SA
Thank you Mindful Tribes for organising such an amazing holiday! It was just INCREDIBLE and I came away floating afterwards.
— LOUISE, South Kingsville, VIC
This holiday to me was a gift. An opportunity to nourish, love and embrace myself.
— DANIELA, Carlton, VIC


Working with Jo was an easy decision. I first connected with her like minded passion and drive. I also learned throughout the process that she is super organised and experienced with an incredible eye for detail. Jo made me feel confident and cared for as a yoga teacher and without her there was no way I could have pulled it off. She made everything run smoothly and absorbed the stress for me when faced with a number unexpected challenges. I’d recommend to any yoga teachers if they want a true professional by their side then collaborate with Jo. I am forever grateful to have gained a new friend and can’t wait to work with her again. In fact we are already planning our next retreat!
— TINA BRUCE, Yoga teacher
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