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Kelly and I met on the field so to speak. Same energy, same drive, but I could only make 5km, just, whereas she could run marathons. In all my time in Bali in the last few years, I had one retreat I very much wanted to create. A stunning fitness retreat taking in all the outdoor beauty of Bali. Whilst our guests were at yoga practice, I was up with the sun, planning running routes, and fitness plans in this stunning place. Kelly was the right fit, and a few wines in, we stepped into action. Bali Fit was borne.


10 JUL 2018 BALI

Kelly was quite rightly highly protective of her reputation as this maverick idea. We had to make sure this more than any other retreat was planned effectively but with plenty of room for stunning dinners, wines and laughter.

Partnering with Mindful Tribes for our inaugural Balifit Fitness & Wellbeing Retreat was nothing short of a brilliant experience! Jo is the consummate professional and is 100% customer-focussed. Together we collaborated on building up a bespoke retreat and if it wasn’t for Jo’s travel and retreat expertise, superior planning and organisation skills, then there was no way that we would have been able to bring our vision to life! Our retreat went off without a hitch and our clients had an amazing, some may say ‘life-changing’, time. Thank you Jo for being so inspiring and so great at what you do. I could not recommend you more highly!
— Kelly Smith