Three Reasons to put Yourself First on Holiday and other Miracles

is yoga really good for you

In our frantic lives, the mere idea of a holiday where you are scrambling to find time to pack,  keeping the kids entertained on long journeys to warmer climes, and dealing with a partner who has stubbed his toe on the pool steps on day one, really gets us asking ‘why on earth do I put myself through this’. After two weeks away, you come back utterly exhausted and actually relish some me time, back in the everyday, humdrum, easy routine. Oh the irony.

There is never a right time to think, you know, I want to just do something for me, because we are so inherently made up of guilty juice that there is just never a right time. Same way as, we have to make time for pelvic floor exercises and reading fabulous novels and taking one on one time with our kidlets, we have to make real time for ourselves too.

The first time I went on a retreat holiday, I felt just terrible I had ‘left’ my oh so demanding toddler with my oh so demanding husband and spent the first few days, trying to ignore the fact I was the worst mumma and wifey in the world.  Then after a few days, something miraculous happened. An awakening if you like. I realised, unashamedly, that I had given myself the permission to actually say I was allowed to totally enjoy myself and relax and turn off the responsibilities from home. My family loved me, and were so totally amazing that they created real space for me to enjoy this week away, so I needed to let go and do just that. And that, my friends, is what I did.

Being on retreat, and with this super light feeling of ‘it’s ok’, felt like I was then on the best retreat in the world EVER.  I totally, utterly relaxed. And if I do say so myself, looked younger and felt younger.  ( Apparently).   I met new friends for life, thoroughly fell in love with stunning yoga, experienced life changing moments with a spiritual healer that I still think about to this day. And I laughed and cried and so much more….Even the hubby noticed the permanent smiley Zen like state upon my return, which for a self-confessed OCD riddled, highly strung ex corporate like me was nothing short of miracle in itself.  

Keeping your marriage a happy one. This cannot be underestimated! Whether it be that spring in your step when you return from your holiday or the fact that you have spent the week working out if yoga is good for you, the happy smile is far reaching and long lasting after a retreat holiday and is noticed by everyone you meet.  

Time to reflect Without going all hoky poky on your all, this is such a biggie. If you are anything like me and my husband, we make most of our life changing plans when we are stuck in the car together on a long drive with no distractions around us. No escape you see. Well this is no different.  I loved, loved, loved the time we all spent in the group with our Retreat Leader, being guided through reflecting on our own lives. The good, the bad and the ugly you might say. And all in one handy journal.

Making new friends for life Going on holiday on you own, is somewhat scary and some might say a bit odd when you have a perfectly great cheer team of people, in the form of your family desperate to join you. So joining a retreat, was perfect for the likes of me. So what started out as just choosing a group wellness holiday as just less daunting than doing it alone, then manifested itself unexpectedly into something SO much more. I can honestly say, I was so fortunate to form the very best of friends. 

But then what goes on retreat, stays on retreat. Isn’t that right?