Corporate retreats & events

Here at MINDFUL TRIBES we take our happiness pretty seriously. We know that life in the fast lane can lead to unproductive teams, stress and employee dissatisfaction. 

If you are serious about educating your teams in the world of wellness, let us help you. With your brief, we can create and run a private company retreat to bring the wonder back to your people. We organise and run a whole range of events from beautiful local glamping retreats, to end od year retreat junkets.  We collaborate with you to create a great space for you to inspire your team with your own workshops, and we bring our team of yoga and holistic specialists to bring as much wellness as you would like. 

We can also create an amazing group getaways, yoga retreats and wellness days, that engage your people and inspire them to keep well,  whilst enabling you to combine your own personal workshops and business forums.  

  • Mindfulness coaching
  • Lifecoaching
  • Light and fresh wellness catering
  • Nutrition workshops
  • Naturopath sessions
  • Remedial massage
  • Coping with change sessions
  • Sound Healing sessions
  • Bushwalking and cycling 
  • Bootcamp style fitness 
  • Beginner's yoga and meditation sessions
  • Healthy food mapping
  • Cooking lessons from garden to plate
  • Motivational speakers in the world of health and wellbeing

Contact our Company Retreat team for a chat on 0449 824203