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Ivy’s journey began with her lifelong passion to explore the world through languages and food.  Her adventurous spirit took her travels into Europe, North America and Southeast Asia where she experienced personal and professional growth living and working within cultural diversity.  She eventually settled in Melbourne and became a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful girls, putting aside her career and travels for almost 5 years.  

In year 2012, she embarked on a personal journey to finding balance within her own health and wellbeing, propelling her passion further into learning and discovering yoga, meditation, sports and nutrition.  She made her return to her yoga community and discovered running for the first time to begin her active lifestyle.  

For the next two years, she went on to complete several half marathons, trail runs and a marathon in May 2014, a 45km stretch of undulating road from Lorne to Anglesea. Running a marathon is challenging enough, but incredibly, Ivy completed this one despite contracting the flu three days before the race.   As a result she ended up suffering chronic fatigue.  Through this challenging time, she learned about her own inner strength in adversity but also recognised that the physical body has limitations that must respected and listened to.  As she was undergoing acceptance of her running being put on hold due to her condition, she continued her next journey to focus deeper into her spiritual growth and completed her Yoga Teacher training back in year of 2014 and 2015, deepening her understanding of this ancient practice.  Her energy began to find its way back as she continues to practice and remain active in both the yoga and local community.  

Ivy brings with her an understanding that life’s challenges are inevitable, and if we were to stay still enough to acknowledge it, remain patient enough to learn about ourselves and allow enough time to experience self healing, we can rise above any difficulties by tapping into our inner strength and courage.  She is on a continuous journey to seek balance and deep spiritual awareness in her personal and professional life as she believes  herself to be a lifetime student. 

Her journey of self discovery eventually led her to creating Liquid Room; a space to allow individuals to free their mind, body and spirit. Liquid Room was spawned from her life experiences that spans across years of travelling, personal challenges, corporate culture, motherhood, and relationships. 

Liquid Room opened its door back in March 2016 with a team of yoga teachers, therapists and support staff.  Her drive for quality services has led her to recruiting this amazing team who share similar values of recognising the importance of helping others finding their own personal journey of transformation. 

Ivy’s core values and visions are truly felt throughout the studio as her team and her space ensures that every individual enjoys a seamless experience the moment they step through the front door.  Anyone who joins her classes at Liquid Room and her Yoga Retreats will be welcome with open arms as she caters to various levels of abilities from beginners through to more advanced levels. 

Join Ivy on her upcoming retreat, ‘Lotus Rising’ in Central Vietnam, along with one of her amazing yoga teachers in August 2018.  She will be embracing you with her welcoming smile, warmth and adventurous spirit as she guides you through an experience you will never forget.


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