It's not my Holiday

retreats in africa

It's that time of year where the traveller in me goes into wild overdrive in planning our next year season. Long held dreams of running AH-MA-ZING retreats under the Tanzanian Savannah, bringing sun salutations under the canvas canopy of a hot pink African sunrise, whilst listening to the morning call of the big five. In the day chatting with Serengeti tribeswomen and taking part in spiritual ceremonies or climbing Mt Kili basecamp.  Oh sigh, yes please.  And then back to our yoga camp for sunset, with elephants strolling past, before the magical day starts again. But! Alas, my dream is not necessarily the dreams of our guests and I need to stop thinking like I am planning my own trip and more like a professional matching my guests' wants and desires with a destination that suits their pocket, flying time and expectation. And Africa might be a bit far flung from Australia, NZ and the States where most of our guests are based. 


So for now, my retreat destinations will always include Bali as our absolute go to. Hosting your own retreat is all about creating a retreat that excites your audience and not about planning your own holiday.

Jo X