The 4.15am calling

overcoming jetlag

Ok so yes I have jetlag. Big, horrible jetlag after my 25 marathon journey back from the UK to NZ on Sunday. You think I would be over it by now, but alas, it hurts right now. I woke with a buzz of energy this morning and after many cups of tea and toast later ( wellness starts tomorrow ), I have not only manged to finalise our final changes to Jodie’s exciting launch on Saturday, but I am even in such a buzz with it all, that I have been changing copy and fonts and all sorts on our new website. I am one crazy person, but when you love what you do… I guess maybe that’s just me. It got me thinking about those calls from my Retreat Leaders in the wee hours when 8pm to them is maybe my 1am, and how that basically as a Retreat Leader you just have to be ‘ón’ all the time. It really doesn’t stop on retreat and managing expecations of the Retreat Leaders is vital to ensure they know their role is not life changer, counsellor and first aider, but Chief Bottle Washer, Head of Customer Experience and general all round fixer. And this doensn’t stop when dinner is finished. Choosing to be a Retreat Leader you can so easily be wrapped up in the Insta worthy glam of it all, but it is hard work and you need to be prepared to do anything at any hour.

Maybe, that hour might even be later enough for me to have a good night’s sleep with the time difference!

Joanna Duffy