At Mindful Tribes we believe we are all on our own spiritual journey


MINDFUL TRIBES is a proudly owned and operated Melbourne based travel company,  specialising in yoga retreats, company getaways and wellness holidays. Jo founded the company in 2016 after a twenty year career running travel businesses both in the UK and Australia.

Since having her daughter and suffering post natal depression,  Jo found her balance again in meditation and daily mindfulness rituals. She worked closely with a naturopath to set her body and spirit on the right path. The improvement Jo experienced in her happiness through her love for yoga, fitness and nutrition was truly life changing. Jo felt it was time to combine her passion for wellness with her love of travel.  

For Jo, MINDFUL TRIBES is about travelling with like minded souls to amazing destinations. Those that are passionate about learning more about themselves through health and well being.

JO BALI 500.png
Live in the sunshine.
Swim in the sea.
Drink in the wild air.

— Emerson