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host a yoga retreat

Here at Mindful Tribes we can help you to create a highly profitable retreat experience for your audience. With our packages to suit all, we are one chat away from making this happen,

  • Retreat Concept Planning

  • End to End Retreat Collaboration

  • Coaching in Profitising Your Retreat 3 Ways

  • Retreat coaching to launch date

  • Marketing plan strategy and development

  • Website Copy and Artwork Design

  • Personalised supplier, operator and wellness industry access

  • Hosting and support at destination

  • Design of experiential excursions and once in a lifetime guest experiences

  • Full 24 hour support on retreat

  • Risk and insurance assessment tools


We understand that it can be daunting getting a retreat up and running. With our know how and our bite size packages, we can offer you experience, personal coaching and professional advice on how to create and plan your dream retreat that will excite your audience and grow your brand.

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