TINA BRUCE, Yoga Teacher



In Tina's opinion most mums fantasize about having some alone time. Women tend to give and give until there is no more. For Tina, self care is doing something each day that brings her joy and replenishment. Over the past five years, Tina has busily blended growing a new family with a successful career as a truly inspirational Melbourne based yoga teacher.  Life as a working Mum was moving so fast for Tina that she was blinded to the effect it was having on her body. All of a sudden, she found herself completely unprepared for what the universe had in store. Shingles. The brutal and agonising pain of shingles right in the middle of her back. At the time she had no idea what was wrong, let alone that this condition was here to stay indefinitely. Stress and fatigue exacerbate the condition, so her life now is simple and with purpose. The realisation of this persistent pain for Tina was the start of a momentous life change and a physical and mental battle. Tina was burnt our and suffered repeated colds and fatigue due to the inability to switch off the stress response and switch on the relaxation response.

This situation inspired Tina to think what her life would look like if she wasn’t so busy, stressed and in pain all the time. Why was she doing this to herself? So she walked into the office one day and quit her city job. Life was already too short and she didn’t want to spend another second working through the pain.

Slow motion yoga and mindfulness during those tough times, gave Tina the mastery and control she craved over her situation. It also opened her eyes to what ‘self care’  meant to her and other Mums.  She immediately decided she wanted to know everything about the slower healing practices and so began her beautiful journey as an enthusiastic yoga teacher, with an open mind and heart.

Sharing the yogi wisdom with her fellow sisters,  Tina creates the most wonderful down to earth and welcoming space of support for other Mums, so we can enjoy the life we truly want.



Madam Heap, Middle Park, VIC



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