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Jules approached us through finding us on Instagram, little did we know we were a few blocks from each others lives. The minute we met Jules we knew we had something very special here and spent as much time laughing, as we did planning. Jules was open, loving and trusting from the outset and we knew we had to deliver to her fan base in bucket loads. . We call it a fan base as Jules is one of the most well loved teachers in Melbourne. Filling the retreat was not going to be issue, but we wanted to make sure we delivered on creating something unique to her followers for her very first retreat.


4 MAY 2018 BALI

Bali was really the only choice for Jules, having spent so much time there. To bring Jules’ personality and love of Bali into this retreat was imperative and pretty much anchored the retreat experience for her group from the beginning. The spirituality and beauty of this retreat was owned by Jules, but supported by a fabulous week of experiences around sacred ceremony, spiritual healing, divine yoga and much laughter.

I knew instantly from the first time I met Jo that she was the person I wanted to collaborate my passion with. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Mindful Tribes. Jo’s attention to detail, sound knowledge and upmost care transpires into what has become a beautiful yoga retreat creation. What makes Jo so special is her zest for life, unconditional support and motivation. You are truly a gift!
— Jules Jenkinson